Friday, August 20, 2010

Cereal Storers

I LOVE these!  They are the cereal storers from Tupperware- and you can buy them until Friday 8-27-10 for 2 for $35! After Friday they will be $19.50 each.  They come with Red or Blue lids (seals) that have a square spout that comes off for pouring.

I keep lots of stuff in them!  First of all, because I like saving money by buying the bags of cereal- but hate how they don't sit on my shelves nicely, then they always seem to get squashed easily and you end up with cereal powder.  With the Tupperware Cereal Storers I can save money by buying the bags, and my pantry looks organized, AND I'm not losing 1/4 of the bag to cereal powder.  I also store rice in one, since again I like to buy it in bulk to save money, but the bags can be tricky to avoid spilling- so the cereal storer is perfect!  Quick oats, or Oatmeal is something else I keep in them- not so much because the container it's sold in isn't sturdy- but more so because I like to be able to see how much I have.  Nothing like making a batch of Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies only to find out you don't have enough oatmeal!

So get them while you can! Click on the Tupperware link to the left of the blog to order yours while they're still on sale!
Don't they make my pantry look nice and organized?? I love it!

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