Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Halloween Boutique items

These are some of the items I worked on today for my Halloween boutique coming up in a few weeks!
This first one is M&M's in a treat bag, color coordinated with the tag.
This one is a individual Smore's treat bag.  There is 1 graham cracker broken in half, the marshmallow is a ghost peep, one small Hershey's bar, and the tag is a haunted house.


  1. love the little smore bags! cute idea!

  2. I heart Halloween! These are great. :)


  3. Super cute! Where do you find those little baggies for the M&M's?

  4. New follower from Where's the Love Friday w/ Mommapebz....hope you'll stop by to say hi!
    Beth @ Two Monkeys & a Washtub

    Love these items! Totally cute!

  5. JoDee I LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog and you are so stinkin crafty!!!! I totally took a bunch of ideas and will be using them, Thank you!!! I will be keeping up for sure! Now only if I could sew.....SOOOOO jellllll!!!!!! (that's mean jeleous hehe)

  6. Thanks Dayna! I'm glad you enjoy it! It's always nice to hear someone appreciates my ideas :)

    And sewing is totally easy! you should get a machine and teach yourself! A friend of mine did that and started by making basic stuff like pillow cases.


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