Friday, September 17, 2010

More Halloween Craft Boutique items

ok here's a couple more Halloween craft items I've made for my boutique.
This first picture is a bag of pixie stix with a witch hat tag, and the second one is Cocoa for 1- with a cute poem.  The cocoa has a bag of powder with a bag of Ghost shaped marshmallows in front. I made 2 different poems with my friend Danielle's help-
Spooky Soup
2 parts water, 1 part ashes,
Throw in a few ghosts, And there you have it!

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust
In order to drink this…
hot water’s a MUST!

This second project is my sample one of an idea I had- it's a Halloween count down chart.  My husband informed me (after I had it glued to the paper) that I put an extra "l" on "till".  I'll be making a new project to sell based off of this idea....... I'll post pictures when I have them done!


  1. I love the Cocoa w/ the Halloween marshmallows! Do you use a Cricut to cut your small tags out? I have a Cricut, and I love it. (Although, I'll admit I don't use it enough!)

  2. I don't have a cricut :( I wish I did!
    I just used my paper cutter and some of my old Stampin' Up! stuff from when I was a demonstrator.


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