Friday, October 1, 2010

And More Halloween Crafts-

This is a technique you can use with any design and it's super easy!
I've done these at birthday parties for kids- they loved it.  It's also a really cheap way of having designer candles for the holiday's or to match your home decor.

Materials needed:
Black Ink
Scrapbook coloring tools- markers, chalk (optional)
White tissue paper
Wax paper
Blow dryer or heat gun
Candle- any size/color although white candles will show better

Stamp your design on the tissue paper.  Color it lightly if you want- just make sure you don't tear or bleed through the tissue paper.  Cut out the design- it doesn't have to be exact because the tissue paper won't show.  Cut a long strip of wax paper wide enough to cover your stamped tissue and long enough to wrap around the candle and hold.
Place the design on the candle, place wax paper over it and pull tightly.  Then using your heat gun or blow dryer melt the candle slightly over the design.  You will see it brighten in color which means it's melted into the candle.  Peel off the wax paper and check to make sure it's completely melted into the candle, if not then just recover it with the same wax paper and heat a little more!
You're done!


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  2. THose are soo cute. What a great idea!! I'm here for the blog hop. I'm following you- please follow back.


  3. WOW, awesome! I am going to have to try that!

  4. I love this craft! I'm printing it out to add to my folder of things I want to attempt :)

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