Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sliced Apples

Sliced apples are great if you want to bottle them, make and bottle pie filling, or even dry them and have apple chips.
First you will want an apple peeler-corer-slicer.  This is the coolest contraption! My kids had a blast using it and thought it was the greatest thing since candy!  So I set them up on the card table and they did most of the work-play.
You simply put the apple on the spikes, then wind the handle and it will peel the apple as it pushes it through the end that slices and cores it!
It's so easy my 5 year old could do it by himself-

Once the apple is through the end it will look like this

The apple is now sliced into a spiral- curly fry looking shape.  Cut the apple in half and you will have a bunch of slices.
I'm not a big apple pie fan, but at this point you could use the slices to make then bottle apple pie filling.  There's lots of recipes online for homemade apple pie filling- and processing times.
We did bottle just some plain apple slices-
Cook the slices, put them into the jars, fill with water until 1/2 inch from the top.  Then wipe off the top and put a hot seal on top then a ring.  Process in a water bath canner for the time according to your altitude.  I did these at the same time I was doing my applesauce.

We also placed some of the slices into a food dryer and made dried apple slices.  After slicing them place them in a bowl with a little bit of fruit-fresh ( you can find this at grocery stores- it makes it so the fruit doesn't turn brown)  You can also use pineapple juice instead of fruit fresh- some like the added flavor and it will do the same thing to help the fruit not turn brown.  Then just lay them out on the trays and turn the dryer on- it will take about 6 hours for them to completely dry.

Some Items I used-
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