Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Emergency kits

Years ago I made a 72 hour kit that fit in a half gallon milk carton (remember when they used to make those?)  There is a menu for each day.  It's a pretty cool, and easy to store because it's so compact.  This gave me an idea to make some similar kits and pack them as best I can, here's what I came up with:

The Bisquick box is a 24-hour kit for 6 people. (since that's the size of my family right now) I'm excited to put this one in the back of my car for emergencies.  Actually it will probably fit under one of the seats.
 B- oatmeal, cocoa L- Jerky, Pretzel, Cheese, kool-aid D- Soup, fruit snack

In each of the oatmeal boxes I was able to fit a 48-hour kit for 1 child. Obviously it could also be a 24-hour kit for 2 kids.

In the hot cocoa box is a 24-hour kit for 2 adults.  Because there is only one large tuna packet to share, this one wouldn't work as a 48-hour kit for 1.

The Pop-tart box has a 24-hour kit for 1.

Each was taped shut, and the menu taped on  the front.
 I've also seen these dipped in paraffin wax to seal them and help preserve them longer.  All the kits I made are good for at least one year according to the expiration dates on the food inside.


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