Monday, December 27, 2010

Advent Calendar

We love counting down to the holidays around our house.  I wanted to make something that could apply year round and still look good with our home decor.
So I came up with this idea:
Using a picture frame I bought at Walmart for $3
I stamped a white page with the "days until..." part, then put the page in the frame.
Everything else is attached to the glass with Velcro and is removable and updatable.
The numbers are 0-9 (with the exception of one 6/9 since it can be turned upside down for either number) with two of the numbers 1, and 2 .
Since I did my numbers on black paper I embossed the number with white emboss so it would stand out better.
Then I made 2 interchangeable parts for each holiday- 1 with the name of the holiday/event, and another with a picture representing that holiday.
The holiday's I made are:
Valentines Day
School Ends/Begins

Each number circle and holiday parts have Velcro attached to the back where they can be removed & updated.
It was a good way to put to use all my Stampin' Up! sets I've had for years since I was a distributor!  Course you could use stickers or print off things instead.


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