Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Candy Lights

These are fun and festive around the holidays.
To make, you'll need:
small cartons with lids (I got mine at a local grocery store for about 9 cents each) you can use any shape.
tissue paper or cellophane

Cut a small slit on each side of the cartons and slide the lights inside.  (I put 2 lights in each of mine)
Optional: you can fill the inside around the light with colored tissue paper if you want that look and use clear cellophane.
once you have the entire strand of lights inside all the cartons, wrap each carton carefully with either tissue paper or cellophane.  Tape the back (where it's open).  Make sure you use the same back on all of them- I made the lid side the back for mine.
Tie the ribbon on the ends of the wrapping to make it look like candy.
Trim the edges if necessary.
hang up and plug in!

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