Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ham, Potatoe & Pea Soup

Here is another way to use leftover ham- with Christmas dinner coming up it's a perfect time to test it out.
Just like when making turkey soup- put the leftover meat & bones into a large pan and cover with water.  Simmer on the lowest setting over night.  (you want to include any sauce/gravy etc. such as the ham glaze- it will give the soup more flavor)
The next morning separate the bones from the meat. Place meat back into the pot of water (you may need to add more water in the morning)
Add chopped up potatoes and continue to cook on low throughout the day.
About 20-30 mins before you are ready to eat the soup add some frozen peas.
(you can add other veggies as you like)

-if you want it a creamy soup such as a chowder, add milk or half and half and a little butter.  If you want it to thicken add a little flour mixed well with the milk.
When I made this soup it was so full of flavor I didn't need to add any seasoning at all! (the glaze added a ton of flavor)  If it tastes like it needs more flavor- just add any kind you like such as: salt, chicken bouillon, garlic & herb, parsley, etc.
This soup could also be canned like the Turkey soup.  It makes a great healthy meal!

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