Friday, December 10, 2010

Homemade Turkey Soup

Whenever we have a turkey I make soup with the leftovers.  It's an easy way to use everything and waste less! Plus even though it is a long process it's easy and low maintainence.
After you take all the sandwich turkey meat you want off the bone place the entire turkey (what's left of it) into a LARGE pot. Fill with water and put on low heat.
I usually do this at night after dinner, and let it simmer all night.  Just make sure there's plenty of water in before you go to bed, and have the stove on the lowest setting. You may need to add more water in the morning.
The next morning set a strainer on top of a pitcher and spoon the bones & meat into the strainer. (you might have to do it in groups so you don't make a mess)  When the meat/bones are cool, go through them and separate the meat into a bowl and throw away the bones.  As you put the meat into the bowl shred it a little to make it bite sized pieces, as well as check for small bones you may have missed.
Once you've strained all the meat/bones pour the juice in the pitcher back into the pan and include the meat you separated.  Add more water if you want (this is where you can make the soup stretch as far as you want!)
Chopped potatoes
and/or any other veggies you like.
*if you want to add noodles, wait until about 30 minutes before serving so they don't get soggy*
*if you plan on bottling the soup you don't want to add noodles because they'll get too soggy*

Let the soup cook on low all day if you want.
Add any seasonings you think it needs.  I usually add Chicken bouillon, garlic & herb seasoning, and seasoned salt.

Now, if you made a HUGE pot like I usually do, you have 2 options:
1: freeze leftovers (you can even freeze it in a ziploc bag)
2: bottle leftovers

To bottle leftovers, fill cleaned jars with the soup.  Place a lid that has been in boiling water on top and tighten the ring.  Because this soup has both veggies and meat it HAS to be pressure canned.  Follow the directions on your canner to process it according to your altitude.  I am at about 5,000 feet so I process mine at 13lbs of pressure for 90 minutes.
And when you're done, you have shelf-stable Turkey soup!

When you're ready for soup just pour out, heat up, and you can even add noodles if you want!


  1. How and why does a pressure canner work? It's amazing...

  2. basically a presser cooker traps all the steam inside, it build's up extreme heat yet still has all the moisture inside so things don't dry out.
    A pressure canner uses the same concept to get the bottles to an extremly high temp so that all the bacteria is sure to be killed. Meats and veggies have a lower acididy and are more susceptable to spoil unless they are pressure canned.
    Check out this website for more info.

  3. I love pressure canning soup I'll have to try out this recipe


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