Thursday, May 3, 2012

Corndog Muffins

After seeing this awesome idea on pinterest I knew it had to be added to my "Things to make in May 2012" folder.  Homemade corn dogs, can they really be as easy as
cornbread muffins with a cut up hot dog inside? In the words of Phineas & Ferb "Why, yes.... yes they can!"

These were super easy to make and my kids and hubby loved them!  Simply make your cornbread dough- homemade or from a package (I used a package because I had 3 I needed to use up anyway).  Pour the mix into a muffin pan, then place a sliced up hot dog into each one.  We used cheddar filled hot dogs and they were even better.  Bake until your muffins are golden.  Enjoy this deliciousness!

This will now be added to one of my "Done/Made/Tried/Tested" folders in pinterest!  Be sure to follow us on pinterest and see the awesome stuff we have done or will do soon. 


  1. New Follower from Hop Along Fridays. Will have to try the corn dog muffins! Thanks for sharing!

    Follow back when you can!

  2. what a fun idea, will definatly be trying these this summer!!!


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