Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freezing Avocados

Avocados were on sale at my local grocery store last week for 59 cents each!!  We LOVE them around our house- especially for our cheesecake factory avocado egg roll recipe.   Now we have a way to stock up when they're on sale and save some money. 
No more paying over $1 each for them for us- I was super excited when I saw this idea on pinterest!  So this is one more pinterest experiment checked off my list!  If you're not following us on pinterest yet- hop to it!!  The things we post WILL get tried/tested/made/done and we'll share the results with you!

There were a couple of different techniques for freezing your avocado's, I chose to cut them in half and freeze them.  This way we can put them in sandwiches sliced, or mash up for guacamole or egg rolls.  What a great idea!!!!  If only we had our big chest freezer already!!

As you may or may not know- avocado's have the good kind of "fat" in them.


  1. We love them for the hubby's homemade guacamole. I'll definitely share the freezing idea with him next time I find avocados on sale!

  2. Is the texture the same when they thaw?? I've never heard of freezing them, but I LOVE avocados and would so try this!

  3. every time I've defrosted them I've put them in the microwave (because I need them right then) and they are a little soggy-(course even fresh ones would be that way when microwaved)
    but so far I've only used them to make a sauce anyway so it worked. I bet if you let them defrost naturally they would be close to the same condition as when you put them in the freezer. (so if you want them more firm, freeze them when they are more firm)

    Thanks for the comment! Hope that helps :)

  4. Not if you freeze them right away then use them out of the freezer. They wont turn brown in the freezer. If you're worried about that you can always add a little lemon or lime juice to them to stop them from going brown.


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