Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Freezing Avocados

Avocados were on sale at my local grocery store last week for 59 cents each!!  We LOVE them around our house- especially for our cheesecake factory avocado egg roll recipe.   Now we have a way to stock up when they're on sale and save some money. 
No more paying over $1 each for them for us- I was super excited when I saw this idea on pinterest!  So this is one more pinterest experiment checked off my list!  If you're not following us on pinterest yet- hop to it!!  The things we post WILL get tried/tested/made/done and we'll share the results with you!

There were a couple of different techniques for freezing your avocado's, I chose to cut them in half and freeze them.  This way we can put them in sandwiches sliced, or mash up for guacamole or egg rolls.  What a great idea!!!!  If only we had our big chest freezer already!!

As you may or may not know- avocado's have the good kind of "fat" in them.
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