Friday, May 18, 2012

Mother's Day Mini Scrapbook

Both my husband and my mom's are hard to shop for.  They're wonderful women and awesome moms, but they already have everything- or so it seems.  So this year I came up with this Mother's Day mini scrapbook for each of them.  Using 12x12 scrapbook paper I cut
into 1/4 so each book has 4 sheets (8 pages)  Then I took a die-cut set that matched the paper to doll it up a little.  Ribbon at the top tied the pages together.  The picture above is the back and front of the mini scrapbook.
Here are the inside pages-

The first page inside for each of them is shown at the top- the left side is a note written to the mom, and the right side is a new family picture of us.  Then turning the page again (bottom of the picture) I had each of the kids write a little note, or in Brady's case draw a picture, to the grandma.

The top one in this picture is the second page of that scrapbook where the kids had written a letter for that grandma.  The bottom one is the last page of each scrapbook- my hubby wrote a letter to each mom, then the right side has a picture of he and I that was recently taken.

It's simple, easy, but a great way to share pictures and let the kids participate in giving something to their grandma for Mother's Day.

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