Friday, June 15, 2012

Angry Bird's Birthday Party

My kids are BIG Angry Bird's fans.  So it wasn't surprising that my son wanted a Angry Bird's Birthday party this year.  Above is the invitation I made using some Stampin' Up punches.

For the main part of the party- since these are going to be 8 & 9 year olds, we're going to have them stack empty boxes, and place the cans painted like pigs that I gave the kids for Christmas last year in random places.

I bought some bouncy balls at the store- $2.50 for the big red ones and $1.50 for the small blue ones.  Then we painted the angry bird faces on them for the kids to throw at the boxes.

For the goodie bags I used some Stampin' Up! punches and made a pig bag topper.  Inside the bag I put a crush soda "crush the pigs!" a bag of gummy worms, and a angry birds sticker.

Because I was short on prep time for this party I ordered cupcakes to be made, but then got a call in the morning from the bakery that they didn't get the chocolate cake mix in and since that's what the birthday boy had his heart set on I ended up buying the decorations from the store and made the cupcakes myself.  The rings and cake decorations cost $6, so it did save money to make them myself and they still looked just as cute (and I think tasted better)  So I made chocolate cupcakes with chocolate-coconut frosting.

We also blew up some green balloons and drew a pig face on them, then had the kids see who could pop them using only their knees.  I didn't get a picture of this though!


  1. My son is turning seven this year and he is Angry Birds crazy. I can't wait to start on his party. You have really inspired me with some great ideas.

  2. That's GREAT!! I hope it's a big success! We really enjoyed ours.
    Thanks for the comment :)


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