Monday, June 18, 2012

Puppy Love

We've had a litter of puppies at our house recently.  Who doesn't like puppies?!?!  I used to breed labs years ago and haven't for about 8 years so this litter was really exciting for me! Labs are great family dogs and do great with kids.

They are just at the fun age where they make you laugh and they play and bark or growl at each other and other things.

I didn't realize one of the puppies had pee'd on the floor until days later when watching this video!  Nice,  really we don't let them just pee around! lol

Isn't this little black girl so cute?!?!  She was the runt and the sweetest!
This is the "king" of the litter, he was the first born and the biggest!  He's such a sweetheart.
Sleeping together, it's so cute how they cuddle up.

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