Saturday, August 4, 2012

Dad Tie Picture

August 1st celebrated my dad's 74th birthday.  So I wanted to give him something he could hang up in his office.  I had this hideously ugly brand new tie that I couldn't punish anyone by giving it to them so I wanted to use it to make some sort of craft.  I've seen the signs with this saying (or a saying similar) on pinterest, in fact it's in one of my "to make" files!  So this was my version!

I got some scrapbook paper that looked like newspapers (that's daddy-manly right?)  Then I printed up the saying "Daddy's love TIES our family together" using different fonts and sizes.
Cutting off the end of the tie I attached it to the paper and put it into the frame.  Then it needed something so I took the small end of the tie (not wanting to waste any more than I had to) and I made a mini tie and glued it to the outside of the frame.  The mini tie was a bit of a trick to get to look right- lets just say hot glue can do wonders!

I think he really liked it!

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