Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mickey Magnets

These are the custom Mickey Mouse magnets I made for my Mickey kitchen.  They are pretty simple to make.
Supplies needed-
clear flat rocks (found at the craft store)
paper- scrapbook paper or stickers for your desired design
modge poge
hot glue gun with glue

Using the rocks for a guide, trace the shapes you will cut out and place behind them.
Cut out the paper, make sure the image you want to be seen through the rock is centered and looks the way you want it to.
Lightly brush a coat of modge poge onto the back of the rock then lay the paper face down onto it.
(the less modge poge you use the quicker it will dry)
When the modge poge is dry between the rock and paper, brush a coat of modge poge over the back of the paper & rock to seal it in place.
Once the outside layer is dry, glue your magnet onto the back.  You're done!

These are great! You can make them to match any kitchen, office, or bedroom theme.


  1. Thanks! I like them. It's the little touches that add to the kitchen :)


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