Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Minnie Mouse Baby Outfit

Another Disney outfit I partly made for the Tupperware Jubilee at Disneyland.  My local Walmart had this super cute minnie mouse skirt, but all of their matching shirts were ugly (in my opinion) so I made a custom onsie and hair bows and it turned out cute!
For the onsie:
Cut out a mickey head shape from some black fabric.  I found the easiest way to do this was make a pattern on paper using a small circle for the ears and one large circle for the head (I traced around some Tupperware water bottles)  Then used the paper pattern to cut out the shape on the fabric.
Once I had the pattern cut out I placed it onto the onsie and then used red puffy paint to outline and adhere it to the onsie.
When the puffy paint was dry I attached a small ribbon bow (using the same ribbon I made the hair bows from)

The hairbows were made using this website as a tutorial.  I then glued some mini Tupperware key chain lids to the center for fun (since I was going to a Tupperware event)


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