Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Canning Candy

No food storage would be complete without CHOCOLATE!  And of course Hostess and other types of candy we enjoy. (rolo mini's for me)  Here is a really easy way you can bottle your favorite candy and have it last for years and years!  The chocolate wont turn white, Twinkies wont go stale or hard, it's the best way to add a little luxury to your food storage.

I found these 2 quart bottles at my local Ace Hardware store.  They were normally $11.99 for a case of 6, but were on sale for $10.99, adding a coupon from the paper I was able to get them for $9.99.  These are better than the typical quart size jars because you can fill so much more in them and it doesn't seem like a waste of a jar.  (I was able to fit 10+ candy bars in them, where as a regular quart jar I would have been lucky to get 5 in)

The grocery stores here had candy bars on sale 2/$1- which lately is a GREAT deal! So I stocked up knowing I was going to be canning them.  Hostess snacks also went on sale for $1.80 a box so I stocked up.  Let me just say we rarely buy candy bars or Hostess, rarely like maybe once a year.  But when they are on sale it gives me a reason to buy them and put them in the food storage.  So on top of adding some luxuries to our food storage, I saved money doing it!

Chocolate is a great thing to vacuum pack and store this way so it wont turn white and will literally last for years and years.  Some other great things to use the vacuum sealing and canning for is nuts.  Since air doesn't get to the nuts the natural oils on them don't spoil and they will last for years.  This can only be done in glass canning jars since glass is the only thing proven to not let air in over time.

Here's what you'll need:
  • Candy/Hostess items of choice
  • jars- I use the 2 quart for this type of stuff, but if you're canning chocolate chips, nuts or a smaller item a pint or quart size jar would be fine.
  • Food Saver vacuum sealer with jar sealing attachments

Just fill the jars, place the seal on but NOT the ring.  Place the jar attachment over the seal & jar as shown, make sure the tube is connected from the jar attachment to the food saver machine.  Start your food saver vacuum sealer and let it run until the jar is sealed.  (on mine it takes about 20 seconds and a green light will come on telling me it's done)

Then place the ring on to the jar and you're good to go!  Easy cheesy right?  Even better- these seals on the jars can be reused!  Unlike normal canning in a water bath or pressure canner/cooker- once you open those jars up the seal cannot be used again to seal and process.  You literally could have a vacuum sealed jar in your cupboard and use it once a week, then reseal it using the food saver after each time you use it.

So I went candy canning happy and filled 6 of the 2 quart jars! 

Enjoy!  Living off food storage CAN be fun! Especially at my house!
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