Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tupperware Smart Steamer

This Tupperware product- the Smart Steamer was featured as the #1 of Dr. Oz's top 10 healthy Christmas gifts to give a couple years ago.  Unlike most things that cook your food in the microwave, this bowl is actually made of metal- but coated in plastic.  So none of the "micro waves" ever get to your food.  It cooks by steam! I recently got the accessories kit that goes with the smart steamer
And I wanted to try them out- So today's experiment was an egg omelet.

Mixing up 7 eggs then adding some slices of Swiss cheese all these went into the accessory insert. (no holes on bottom)
Then place the lid on the top and microwave for 11 minutes.
This made the fluffiest eggs I think I've ever had!  They were so good!  I just wish I wasn't sharing them with my daughter and could have put some tomatoes and green onions in as well.

We love our smart steamer.  We use it at least once a week.  Mostly we steam our veggies in it (especially artichoke) and make hard boiled eggs (these are super easy!).

With Summer time coming up you don't want to have the house heated up with the oven on to make dinner, so investing in a smart steamer is great!  (also the stack cooker if you're not "micro wave" paranoid)
To purchase you own smart steamer go to: www.mytupperware.com/jodeemason


  1. Tupperware product- the Smart Steamer how much?

    Breville Smart Oven

  2. $139, and if you want the accessory pack it's $35. Tupperware has a lifetime warranty so it's always well worth your money!

    you can order one at: www.mytupperware.com/jodeemason

    Or if you host a party (even an online only party) you can get it for half price or even free with host benefits. If you're interested in doing that let me know- jodeemason@gmail.com

  3. Do you need to put water in the bottom?

    1. Yes, the bottom part holds the water and has a fill to line.

  4. Replies
    1. It doesn't boil them, it steams them. So you put water in the bottom and put your whole eggs in the bowl part and the lid on top. When you microwave it, the water below boils and steam cooks the eggs. It's awesome! That's probably what we use it for the most.

  5. Hi JoDee, i tried to find the accessories that has no hole on the bottom like you said to use with Microsteamer but couldn’t find any. Could you please tell me the exact name of it? Thanks


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