Friday, April 19, 2013

Disneyland M&M Rice Krispies Recipe

ok so this is something you may be thinking is a super easy recipe that everyone and their dog (or mouse in this case) knows how to make.  But really there are a lot of different variations.  For example, some add peanut butter, some people sprinkle chocolate chips on top, some mix in other baking chips or M&M's, some use flavored marshmallows (found at holiday times).  Some people like them crispy where some (like myself) like them soft and gooey.  A few years ago while visiting Disneyland a friend and I got one of their delicious rice krispie squares.  Ever since then I have craved them and make them every once in awhile.
So here's the recipe- first of all let me say the key to making these like Disneyland is to make them soft, super huge (thick) and add M&M's.

To get them big and thick like they sell at Disneyland I double the recipe and put it in one of my 9x13 Tupperware rectangle containers to set up.

In a LARGE pot melt 2 cubes of butter (this is part of what makes them soft)
once the butter has melted add 2 bags of marshmallows and stir constantly until they are all melted.

*this is where rice krispies can be finicky.  You want to add the cereal to the marshmallows as soon as they are melted, and stir constantly!  Don't add any more cereal than needed.  They will set up pretty fast once the cereal has been added so you have to work quickly.  Also, you don't want to cook the vanilla with the marshmallows and you don't want your M&M's to melt.  So this next step takes some speedy moving!*

Turn off the burner, quickly add 2 t. vanilla extract, then instantly pour in a full 12 oz box of rice krispy cereal stirring constantly.  Once the marshmallow has coated most of the cereal and before it's starting to set up/cool, add in 1-2 cups of M&M's.  Stir only enough to mix in the M&M's then pour right into you pan to set up.  If you stir the M&M's around too much they will start to melt and discolor the treat.

Let it set up then enjoy!!

This would be awesome to make when going on a trip to Disneyland and save some money!

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