Friday, June 7, 2013

Wingers Asphalt Pie copycat recipe

This Wingers Asphalt Pie was actually one of the easiest copycat recipes I've ever come up with!  The key is a good mint chocolate chip ice cream.  In Utah my favorite is Farr, but I couldn't find that brand here.  I did however find a brand called Blue Bell that was very similar so it worked!  This recipe isn't anything crazy or hard to do, it's just a matter of combining the right things.
You will need:
Oreo pie crust
Caramel topping
Mint chocolate chip ice cream
whipping cream (I forgot, but it tasted great without it)

Set the ice cream out until it's soft enough that you can scoop it into the pie crust and spread it out.  Once you fill the pie crust place it back into the freezer to set up.  Before serving pour the caramel and whipping cream on top.

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