Friday, August 30, 2013

Microwave Cake

I bet a lot of you never thought you'd see a cake made in the microwave!  Well here it is! Tupperware has done it again.  You can make a cake in their Microwave Stack Cooker in 8 minutes.  And it's so easy you can even do it with only 2 ingredients.  This recipe is dangerous and perfect for those late night cravings...
What you will need:
A Tupperware microwave stack cooker-  You can purchase one from my Tupperware website here:
It looks like this- (color may vary)

1 box of cake mix- any flavor/brand you like
1 12oz can of soda- any kind

The cool thing about this recipe is you can mix & match your soda and cake: vanilla cake with either a root beer or orange soda, chocolate cake with cherry coke, or just use sprite for a basic flavor, etc.

Mix the soda and dry cake mix together ( no eggs, oil or water needed)
Pour the batter into your stack cooker- make sure you place the cone in the middle first!

Cook in your microwave for 8 minutes.  (time may vary 1-2 mins give or take depending on your microwave)
Turn out onto a plate, let cool, then frost if you like and you're done!

For a chocolate lava cake, use a chocolate cake mix, sprite, and before cooking in the microwave take 1 tub of chocolate frosting and scoop spoonfuls into the cake batter.  Just be careful when taking this out of the pan- it will be a gooey deliciousness!

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