Monday, December 30, 2013

19 kids and counting

While sick in bed this past week we've been watching episodes of 19 kids and counting.  Since we don't have tv channels but just have a roku and netflix the episodes we're watching are older, but still wholesome and inspiring to watch.
There are some mixed feelings and opinions on the Duggars.  Some people say that they have way too many kids and it's irresponsible, or that there is no possible way each child could get the love and attention needed from the parents.

Let me share some of my observations and opinions on the matter.
So they have 19 children.  They are religious and family orientated.  They teach their children to have standards, modesty, and ethics such as honesty, hard work, integrity, love, kindness, service, and other such skills that are hard to come by in society lately.

The children help take care of younger siblings.  The older ones teach the younger ones things from basic life skills like making a bed, to even how to play musical instruments.  Through this teaching it's not like the parents are absent.  They are there to support the teachings of the older children and to offer extra guidance.

Each child has chores they are expected to do.  I can empathize with how quickly a household of 21 people could get messy!  We only have a household of 7 right now and it's amazing how quickly it can get messy.  The children learn what it takes to work together as a team to accomplish a goal.

As for one on one time with the parents.  Some argue that there's no way the parents could have one on one time with each child- but I've seen it.  The day of each child's birthday they get a special date with just mom and dad.  Plus when there's an errand to be run you will often see the parents take one or sometimes a few of the children with them.  Jim Bob and Michelle take every opportunity to teach their children- from checking the tires and oil in a car to organizing skills and life lessons.

As for financially supporting their family, Jim Bob has worked in a variety of different fields such as used car salesman, tow truck driver, politics, and real estate.  The point is, he does what is needed to provide for his family.  They live debt free, and look for any opportunity to serve others and share some of the blessings they have received.

So lets see, they are providing the world with 19 (or more) honest, hard working adults who will value family while having strong religious beliefs and serving their community........  yea sounds like a horrible thing....... not.

Perhaps more people should look to their example.  If you can't handle having 19 kids (not everyone has the patience of Michelle or the financial opportunity and motivation of Jim Bob) you can still learn something by the way they parent and live their life.

Personally I would love to have 19 kids!  However, it doesn't look like that will be in our future, but we will gladly have as many kids as we can.  The Duggars are an inspiration and we share so many values, interests, and views with them they are an inspiration we are glad to have a part of our lives.  We would love to know them in person! And have more family friends like them.

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