Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Baby Doll Mattress and Bumper

This year for Christmas Santa is going to bring Addie a baby doll.  So putting my sewing machine to good use I got making some baby doll bed bumper and mattress.  Pictured above is the cradle she'll be getting (it was given to me when I was about 4)  I made a mattress, pillow, and bumper pads for it.

Making the bumper pads is the same as you would for a full size crib- just smaller.  First measure the crib/cradle sides so you know how long your bumper needs to be.  This cradle was 11"x19", so I needed 58" of fabric for the bumper.  I wanted it 5" tall so I folded the fabric and measured 5" wide from the fold.

Cut your quilting batting just slightly smaller than the bumper.
Now it's time to sew.  Place the fabric ride sides together and place the batting on top.  You're going to sew the batting to the fabric as you sew the fabric closed all but 1 side (to turn it right side out)

Now turn the fabric right side out (the batting will go in place since it was sewn in).
Sew the open end shut.
Now measure from the end to sew a line that will be in each corner of the cradle.  So starting from one end I did one at 11", then 19" from that one, then 11" from that one, which gives you 4 sections made to fit your cradle (if you're doing this for a full size crib you'll probably want to sew the lines more than just the 4 corners)
With each line sewn I sewed on some ribbon to tie to the cradle and keep the bumper in place.

That's it!  If you want lace or other embellishments you can sew them on now.  I did a small lace trim at the top.
Then just place into the cradle and tie in place.

To make the mattress it's basically the same concept- only easier.  Measure the size the mattress needs to be, cut your fabric and batting to that size, then sew together like you did with the bumper, turn right side out, sew the opening closed and you're done.

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