Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Baby Shusher Review and Giveaway

Every parent has been there at least once, a crying baby that you can't seem to console.  Hungry? no. Diaper change? no. Burp? no. Cuddle? no. Binki? (please take it so the crying will stop!) no.  If you have a baby like this, you need to get the baby shusher.  Here's why-

The desperation of a parent trying to sooth and console a crying baby is like in the movies when the actor offers $1,000 to the baby if it will stop crying.  Some parents know that feeling all too well.

Then there's the times when you get them to FINALLY stop crying, or fall asleep, but of course it's only if you are sitting sideways with one arm above your head, one leg folded under you getting numb, and your other arm burning from holding it up in the same position and if you even try to move to get comfortable be prepared to start the soothing process all over.  Of course they always fall asleep when you are in the most awkward and uncomfortable position.

Have you ever ran to the baby swing to wind/restart it before the baby wakes up? Or wind up the mobile time and time again because the soothing sound helps your baby fall asleep?

This invention will help!  At first when I got the baby shusher I wasn't sure what to expect.  Is it a rattle? Does it make sounds like a vacuum?
No, it's something far more simple (and less annoying).  When you turn on it simply makes a "shhhhh" sound every few seconds.  It has volume control so it can be as loud or soft as you want.  And when you turn it on it sounds like someone saying "shhhhhh"........ "shhhhhh" gently.  I can see why babies would be comforted by it! It sounds like mom is right there soothing them.

On the down side- it can also sound like rushing water, so on a long car trip it may not be ideal if the sounds of water make you need more potty stops ;)  (also I'm wondering if that will affect older children in the night as far as bed wetting, maybe-maybe not, just a curiosity)

Wouldn't you like a baby shusher of your very own?!? You would? Ok then!
Enter below!
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  1. I'm curious about this! I haven't tried one before but I like that it says it doesn't make the vacuum noise :)


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