Thursday, January 23, 2014

Homemade Christmas Tree Ornaments

I know it's pass Christmas time now, but here's some of the homemade ornaments we made for our tree this year.  Be sure to pin this page so you'll have it for the next Christmas! :)

Our colors and theme were: Blue, Purple & Silver/white and the theme was Stars.

We found some foam glitter star stickers at Walmart and picked out the colors we wanted.  Then we stuck 2 stickers back to back with a loop of string between them.  Glitter star ornament done!  The stars in the package even came in different sizes so it was great.

Also pictured above, we got some white felt (they didn't have purple or blue in the store). Using a star shaped cookie cutter we traced a star shape then cut a bunch out.  We then put 2 stars together and sewed around the edges with some embroidery thread.  When we got back to where we had started sewing we made a loop with the thread then tied a knot.

And lastly for the picture above, we got 2 bolts of ribbon about 3/4" wide (no wire) and a satin finish.  Then I cut the ribbon into 6" pieces.  Then tied each piece end to end alternating colors.  It made a rag looking garland that was really cute.  Each bolt of ribbon was 3 yards (18 feet) and when the garland was done it was about 9 feet long.

This next ornament we found some clear plastic circle shaped ornaments that were flat on the front and back. (but looked like glass- whoever finally thought to make ornaments like this is a genius!)  We took a picture of each of us holding our giant stocking that have our name on it and printed it out.  Then we wrote a list about each person- what they wanted for Christmas that year, how tall they were, what they wanted to be when they grew up etc.  After printing it all out we cut and glued the picture and info back to back.  We then softly rolled it up enough to fit into the ornament and then open back up.  Then we added some purple star confetti in the bottom and tied the top with some tulle. (sorry for the glare in the pictures)

For Scott (my hubs) and I we just did our pictures back to back in one ornament.

Those were our homemade ornaments for Christmas 2013!
I want to make the picture/list ones every year as long as we can find the clear plastic ones.

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