Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Goodbye Robin Williams

The world will from now on seem a little less funny, a little less light hearted, and a little less full of energy as we say goodbye to an amazing actor- Robin Williams.  Sadly at the age of 63 he succumed to depression and took his own life on Monday 8/11/2014.  Hopefully this tragedy will bring an understanding that even people who seem the most happy and energetic could still be fighting their own battle with depression.
Such a sad ending to a great actor who still had so much more potential.  As I reflected on some of the movies he's been a part of there are so many that my family enjoy.  He was such a talented actor and although playing the part of a funny man came naturally and easy to him he was also such a strong presence in some dramatic movies.  His energy and voice talents were unsurpassed.

Here's a few pictures from some of our favorite movies as we say goodbye to this great actor.

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