Thursday, August 7, 2014

V8 rice in the crock pot

Something fun to try is cooking your rice in seasoned water or juices.  It adds so much flavor and is great!  I've cooked rice in chicken stock, or with lime juice and seasonings when we're putting it in burritos, but this time I tried v8 juice.  Let me just tell you it was a hit!!  Even my daughter who's not a big rice fan loved it and wanted more the next day.  Plus, if you do it in the crock pot it's super easy.
All I did was pour about 4 cups of v8 juice and 2 cups of rice into the crock pot.  Then cook it on low or high (whichever your timing needs).  On high I think it cooked up in a little over a hour.

The rice had such amazing flavor and it was something different and unique.  Plus, it's v8 juice so that's healthy and gets the kids some level of extra vegetables right?

Try it, I bet your family will never guess it was made with v8!

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