Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Wrapping Paper Teacher Gift

This year I made these wrapping paper & tape gifts with poem for my kids' teachers and principal before school got out for the break.  They would also make great neighbor gifts, and cost just $1.50 each!  Plus they're something that everyone can use and will be happy to get.
The poem I got from a site from pinterest- It's Always Craft Time  She has some cute free printables of the poem, but I didn't have color ink at the time so I did mine up on my own.
  We put it in a cute font and added the Merry Christmas at the bottom.

Since November you've been shopping,
barely sleeping, hardly stopping.
Now it's late you're in a scrape,
out of paper, out of tape.
Hope this wrap helps save the day!
Have a Happy Holiday!
Merry Christmas!

We made 20 of them- 
We got the wrapping paper at the dollar store= $20
Tape was a 2 pack at the dollar store= $10

With tax it came out to just over $32.  Not bad for 20 gifts!  I printed the poem on some labels I already had and put them on some colored cardstock, then attached it with twine to the wrapping paper.  You'll want to tape part of the twine (or if you use ribbon) to the wrapping paper so it will stay in place.

Each of my kids' teachers raved about how much they could use it and were so glad to get it!

If you have the storage space you could even buy some after Christmas with clearance prices and save them for next year!

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