Wednesday, May 4, 2016

KnottsBerry Farm money and time saving tips

This year we included Knotts Berry Farm in our family vacation plans, and it did not disappoint!  The kids loved it, there was a lot to do for every age group, and we even came home with some fun stuffed animals won at the carnival style games.  If you haven't been to Knotts Berry Farm I highly recommend taking your family- it will be fun for everyone!  Here's some tips and tricks for your visit to save you money and time:

So right after we arrived we purchased the all day free refill cups- BEST INVESTMENT EVER!  The more you buy the cheaper they are- I think the price for 1 is $15, we got 2 of them for $13 each, and I think when you buy more they can get down to $10 each.
There's also a different color cup for those that visit more often- it's more expensive, but you can use it every time you visit Knotts Berry Farm, so if you live close by it'd be worth it.

Bella held onto one of the drinks and had her lifetime fill of soda that day.

Still drinking....

There's lots of small carnival type rides- this one my hubby and kids had a blast on.

There's also lots of carnival type games- We won these large Peppa Pig stuffed animals at a booth where they guess your age, weight, or birth month.
The key to winning this game is:
1- never do the birth month.  That has the lowest odds of winning.  If they guess within 2 months of your birthday you lose.  So basically that gives them a 5 month window.... out of 12 months the odds are definitely in their favor.
2- the older you are the easier it will be to win having them guess your age.  I believe they have to guess it within 3 years.  (we won once this way having them guess my hubby's age. it also helped that he's a lot older than I am and our kids are younger)
3- your weight- I think they have to guess within 20 lbs.  So the more you weigh the better your odds are!  (we won twice this way having them guess my hubby and teenage daughter's weight)

My son is STILL talking about this ride!  The Supreme Scream!  190 feet high, then it drops you.  It was his favorite ride.

It's always nice when daddy can carry the littles around on his shoulders.

Everyone loved the carousel- it was a nice low key ride.

This bear was in one of the places to eat.  The kids all had fun taking turns sitting in it's lap for a picture.

There was a area of the park for younger kids- I'd say 6 and younger.  This was great and had lots of rides for our younger 2.  This bouncing car ride had our 4 year old laughing pretty hard.
My hubby and I took the 4 year old on the Ferris wheel- that was fun!

Knotts Berry Farm had a special for tickets online, so we purchased the extra tickets we needed, and we were also able to buy our parking pass and all day dining online.  This was great because everything was pre-paid before going to the park.  It was really nice when it came to budgeting the trip.

Like Sea World, Knotts Berry Farm had a "All day dining" plan so we got it again.  Theirs were all the same price $29.99 each (no child/adult option) so we got 2 of them.  You could get food every 90 minutes from designated areas.  There wasn't many choices- basically pizza, hamburger, chicken fingers, or salad.  I think there were maybe 2 places that had another option but everywhere else was the same.  The food was just okay, but getting the all day dining combined with our all day free refill cups was worth it for our family.

Normally Knotts Berry Farm has lots of fun shows, and my favorite ride- the Ghost Rider that's a roller coaster made of wood!  It's so fun, and the shows are entertaining, however when we were there they were doing remodels so all of that stuff was closed.  Maybe next year we'll get to see the new changes!

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