Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ringling Bro's Circus Review

We were able to attend the Ringling Bro's Circus in Las Vegas last week with the kids and it was a fun adventure!  When I say adventure I mean there were unexpected events happening and it was different than it had been in the past.  Here's what we experienced.
First let me say that if you go to this Circus show expecting a circus you will be greatly disappointed.   We had attended this same circus years ago (about 13 years ago) and it was AMAZING- everything you would expect a circus to be.  But this time it was a disappointment in comparison.

Let me explain what I mean-

When you think of circus, what comes to mind?
Clowns, elephants, lions/tigers, acrobats, tight rope walkers, bears, monkeys, horses with big feathers on their heads, strongest man, bearded lady..... etc. right?

Last time we went it was all those things and more!  The show was amazing and entertaining and we were able to see exotic animals, tricks and lots of impressive circus things.

This time however the only animals even in the show were: Tigers, Poodles, and a quick parade of a few camels.

They had a lot of stunt shows between tightrope walkers, clowns, acrobats, bikes, trampoline, etc.  But the problem I had was at least 90% of the show was all those things and hardly any animal stuff.

So if you attend expecting a "Circus" you will be disappointed.  However if you attend looking for a fun and entertaining show you will love it and be impressed!

For me on a scale of 1-10 with 1 being horrible and 10 being fantastic, as a Circus I would give it a 2 or 3, BUT as a Show I would give it a 8-9.

As with any show or event the food and souvenirs are extremely over priced- but that's nothing new for an event like these.

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