Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Ice Castles Review

Last weekend we went to the ice castles in Midway,UT.  If you are looking for a fun winter outing I would highly recommend going! But don't make the same mistakes we made...
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First of all, we didn't pay close attention to the signs, so we parked further away than we needed to.  Then walking to the tickets and registration building we didn't follow the signs either and ended up doing a lot of walking in the cold that we shouldn't have had to.

Our next mistake was underestimating how cold it would be!!
Seriously, it's COLD. So bundle up!  Even though we had long sleeves, pants and jackets, we were all pretty cold. My 2 and 4 year old cried most of the time we did spend there because of the cold. (and that's not so fun)

There were a lot of people there wearing snow suits, that would have been a great idea! Gloves and hats would also be useful.
I would also highly recommend wearing snow boots, the ground can be tricky to walk on in some areas.

If you are bringing kids, a stroller or a wagon will not be fun to push, however a sled is perfect! There were a lot of people there with sleds.

(I think they should rent the sleds there, I bet they'd make a fortune!)

There are a couple fire pits inside the ice castles that you can sit or stand around to warm up a little.

Inside there's some great things to see such as a ice maze, a slide, a few ice thrones, a ice water fountain, and so much more!  There's even guest appearances by Anna and Elsa (Frozen), and some other scheduled entertainment.

Your kids will love it! So will you- so long as you all bundle up!

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