Monday, February 6, 2017

Jordan World Circus Review

We went to the Jordan World Circus and let me tell you it was a BLAST! We had so much fun! I was really impressed with it.  Unlike the last "circus" we went to in Vegas which was more of a show than an actual circus, the Jordan World Circus was really great and had that true circus feel to it. There were lots of different animals, tricks, stunts, and everything you would expect to see at a circus. Here are some of the pictures I took of that night-

I was so impressed with this circus. It had the best combination of being just small enough that it didn't cost a fortune to go to, but it was still impressive enough that it was worth going to and  very entertaining for the kids.

So they had 3 rings, and there was usually something going on at all times. It was really entertaining!

Those are the tigers inside the cages!

This was amazing! He would balance that pole while different ones climbed it and did tricks on top.

This one even had the loop at the top and the lady got on the bike and spun in circles!

The horses were fun to watch too!

The animals they had included:

So the funny part was, the show was scheduled to end at 9 and at 8:30 they announced they were going to have an "intermission". Then they brought out animals, props, people in costumes etc. that you could go down and get your picture taken with or ride (for a fee of course).  It was funny because it was a good amount of setup so it was clear that it wasn't just a break between things, but they were trying to give that impression so people would stay and spend money thinking there was more show coming.
Sneaky Circus people!

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