Thursday, July 20, 2017

Groupon- Amazon

Have you tried Groupon before? If you love a great deal at some of your favorite stores and services check them out! I am a big fan of Amazon, so I was pretty excited to see the savings code for up to 70% off at Amazon!

I LOVE Amazon....... like a lot.  Did I say how much I love Amazon yet?

You can find just about anything at Amazon, and with a prime membership that's about $100/year you not only get free 2 day shipping on a ton of things, but you also get access to a bunch of music with Amazon Play, AND some TV/movies as well.

In fact, Amazon TV has a  lot of shows that my kids love that aren't available anywhere else and come free with my Prime membership such as Blues Clues, Backyardigans, Oomie Zoomie, etc.

But honestly, the free 2 day shipping is probably my favorite. I order a LOT of stuff on Amazon. It's a great way to see product reviews and I've yet to be disappointed.

Diapers on Amazon are the cheapest I've found- cheaper than Costco when they're on sale even.  I used to have a monthly subscription to certain consumable items and Amazon would ship them to me each month. Things like Clorox wipes, diapers, toilet paper, cleaners, and sometimes seasonal things like hot cocoa or apple cider drink mixes.  When I first started using their Subscribe and Save option I would save $20-40 per month. I was getting the same things we always used but normally would buy at the store locally, and I was having them shipped to my door!!

The main products I used to order aren't available in the same style/quantity anymore so I canceled my subscription. But it's been a couple years, maybe they've come back! Good time to check and see now that I think of it. I really did enjoy it. AND with the Groupon coupon that could make things an even better deal!

To get the groupon deals go to:
They have lots of other options and places that have coupons too!

Some of my favorite items I've ordered from Amazon-

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